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Religious Worker Visas

“Do I need to hire a lawyer?”

Very few attorneys have won as many religious worker cases as Todd. He has served as a pastor, and has devoted his law practice to helping other pastors with their religious worker cases. A member of the Michigan Bar since 1996, a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1999, and an ordained minister, Todd has a professional and a personal interest in winning your religious worker case.


What Makes a Good R-1 Visa Case

Very few immigration attorneys have won as many religious worker cases as Todd. He has won hundreds of R-1 and Special Immigrant Religious Worker greencard cases since 1998, representing seminaries, churches and Evangelical ministries.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Alum, Rev. Pau Khup, says:  “Mr. Wagenmaker helped us with our R-1 and Religious Worker Visa Immigrant case and our Adjustment of Status case.  He was thorough and meticulous, and handled our case in a professional manner.  Mr. Wagenmaker was very knowledgeable and promptly addressed any questions we had regarding our cases.  He also identified with our calling and connected with us in a personal way– this truly made a difference!  And Mr. Wagenmaker’s services are priced reasonably.  We highly recommend him!”

Pastors from Texas to Michigan to Alaska recommend Todd:

Ann Arbor CRC’s Rev. John Groen:  “When Leanne and I accepted a position in a congregation in Ann Arbor, MI, we needed help in processing the move from Canada to the U.S.  We found Todd Wagenmaker.  He was efficient, clear, quick, and we found ourselves with a greencard in record time.  We highly recommend him… He knows the ropes and will guide you well.”

Community Church’s Rev. Dave Van Berkel:  “As a Canadian pastor called to serve in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in the U.S, I needed help navigating the R-1 religious worker visa and green card process. Other friends of mine in similar circumstances referred me to Todd Wagenmaker, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the referral. Todd helped guide me through the entire R-1 and green card process in a clear, detailed and efficient manner. I am very thankful for his professional knowledge and expertise, as well as his personal and concise communication which made the whole process easy to manage and understand. I highly recommend him and his services. Thanks so much, Todd!”

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