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Costs and Fees

How much will hiring Todd cost?

R-1 Cases: An R-1 case costs $2,700 in attorney fees, and $460 in USCIS filing fees. Todd does not charge extra for R-2 cases (although the USCIS will charge $370 to change/extend family members’ status). There may be additional visa fees to the State Department, depending on the specific circumstances.

EB-4: An EB-4 Religious Worker Immigrant petition costs $435 in USCIS filing fees and an attorney fee of $2,700. Assuming the client is in valid nonimmigrant status and can adjust status here in the U.S., there are USCIS filing fees of $1,225 per person ($750 for children under the age of 14). There are also medical exam fees for each family member. Todd charges $1,200 to adjust the status of the pastor, and he does not charge additional fees to adjust the status of the spouse and children.

What does Todd do?: You would have an experienced attorney to 1. maximize your chances of winning your religious worker case through preparing a strong case, 2. prepare and file the petition, and 3. be available for consultation through the process (like responding to requests for additional evidence, answering questions about the site visit, etc.).

[horDashed] The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Todd Wagenmaker can assist with immigration law, which is federal law, but not any state law issues (i.e. helping clients obtain/renew drivers licenses).

Once an attorney-client relationship is established, you can pay attorney fees via paypal.