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Hundreds of R-1 Approvals, and Elements of a good R-1 case

What are the elements of a good R-1 case?

[horDashed]Attorney Todd Wagenmaker has practiced immigration law since 1998 (the picture of the globe and statue of liberty was from the first website in 1999). Although technology and religious worker law have changed since the 1990’s, Todd continues to win religious worker cases for his clients.

What are some of the elements of a good R-1 case? The petitioning ministry needs to have a 501(c)(3) tax exempt letter from the IRS– either for their own ministry, or via membership in their denomination’s 501(c)(3). The religious worker also should be able to document a connection during the most recent two years to the petitioning ministry’s denomination (this issue is where an experienced attorney may be very helpful). There are other issues, too– documented ministry experience, the proffered salary and financial stability of the ministry, timing issues, the site visit, responding to requests for additional evidence from the USCIS, etc. Todd has won hundreds of R-1 and EB-4 cases since 1998.